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Re: Groo/That Other Topic

Hey Folks!!

It Can't Work!  Star Wars is an old fashioned Good Triumphs Over Evil
(eventually) story.  You've got your wide-eyed innocent straight arrow who
grows into heroic manhood. You've got your rogue-ish
always-does-the-right-thing-in-the-end (and always gets the girl) hero that
Americans, at least, can never get enough of.  And then you've got your
assortment of comical, yet indepensible sidekicks.  Mix in some really
rotten bad guys, a little romance, some soap opera elements, a lot of great
action and a group of folks who know how to tell a tale, and there you go.
Star Wars has elements of a lot of John Wayne westerns from old Republic
studio.  I'm sure I'm not the first to point this out.  

Groo, on the other hand, is rarely, if ever, about Good Triumphing Over
Evil.  More like Evil being overcome by Sheer Stupidity, either Groos or
it's own.  It's also about the nature of man being to take advantage of his
fellow man whenever possible.  How many times has Groo either accidently or
purposely freed a group of people from oppression only to have those people
turn around and try to oppress their former oppressors or someone else? 
That never happens in idealized stories like Star Wars.  

Now don't get me wrong, I love both kinds of stories.  But there is just no
correlation between a Good vs. Evil SW-type story and a Madcap
Zaniness/Social Satire Groo-type story.  

So I guess no one wants to talk about Groo & Rufferto, Sr. Wences, and no
one else wants to order a set of FCBC cards.  (Didn't you want a set,
Anil?)  Well, FINE!!!!  Be that way!  It just goes along with this Baby
Head week!  (a term I picked up from my daughter when she was six)  Some
Groo item mail I've been expecting hasn't shown up, Mike S. pointed out an
obvious MAD Groo sighting I had missed, Ktulu hasn't gotten back to me, and
the only thing interesting to me on ebay in weeks just sold for the
stunning price of $570 (Rene must have bought Microsoft in 1985-I was too
busy reading Epic Groo #1-#10).  The only really good thing about this week
was hearing from Big Louie, Glorko from the planet Zoltron, and Fuzzy the
Destroyer!!! (thanks Chris, you were a godsend!!) and of course hearing
from Mark about an 8 page little Groo and the future Groo 4-parter with
Pipal Khan and Sons.  (Or was that last week?)   

There, I feel better now.  A little rant goes a long way.  Have good
weekend everyone!  And take care -Gary G.