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Read This one First!!!!!

Oops!  I Groo'd.   I sent this message last night and just now discovered
that it never actually was sent out.  There are references in the message
from me you just received to this message, which you are receiving later
and....Well you know what I mean!!  

Subject:  G&R, Glorko, Sr. Wences

Hi Folks!

Well, Eduardo and a few others, I'm afraid I can't wait any longer to say a
little about Groo & Rufferto.  So close your ears and hum.  

I thought it was just great.  And once again I have shown myself to be
unparalleled in the ability to incorrectly guess the end of a Groo story. 
You may recall my guess was that the king would end up in the present and
the IRS would nail him for all his gold.  (I think I have been a taxman
entirely too long!)   So if you want to know how a story will NOT end, just
ask me to guess how it WILL end.  

Anywho, regarding what Nate said (I think) a while back, I don't think the
references to modern war being worse than old style war were misplaced, if
that was even a point that was being made.  There are aspects of the way
wars were fought pre-industrial revolution that are both better and worse
from the standpoint of populations as a whole.  But it's kind of like
arguing about whether measles are worse than chicken pox.  They both suck! 
I took Rufferto's comments about modern war as simply being his perspective
because all of the elements about battles that he loved (i.e. biting butts
along side a virtually invincible friend) had been removed.  Going deeper
than that will get you into trouble.

I just loved the personal and general culture class that our poor Rufferto
ran into.  Rufferto is a very smart dog, except for the major hole in his
intellect when it comes to Groo.  He would adapt and become very savvy in
the ways of the modern world soon enough.  But the problems he ran into
because of what he was use to, and his observations and perspectives on
things we take for granted (like packaged meat and politicians) were very
clever and funny.  This should come as no surprise since Sergio & Marks
work, both separately and together, demonstrate they are both extremely
keen observers of human nature.   

And just so I will not come off like a total sycophant, I will add this:  I
have just recently re-read some of the earlier Groos.  And I must admit I
like the unabashed silliness, word plays, running jokes, and mayhem of the
earlier issues just a tad bit more than the stories involving lots of
social humor and/or commentary.  

Next subject:

I've been a little slow on the draw this week with the FCBC cards.  Jeff,
Chad, Martin, and Saad, your sets went out today.  Book, yours will go out
tommorrow.  Mike T., and anyone else, I'm waiting for the official OK
and/or your address.  Big Louie (aka Chris), Kim, Rene, and Martin, I have
received your payments.  KTULU!!!  Where are you?  To Glorko from the
planet Zoltron (aka Chris) I sent the second set off today.  Ironically,
Glorko, who sort of looks like a blob of Silly Putty, was stuck in the blob
of Silly Putty I keep on my desk at home.  I had to put them both in the
freezer to get him unstuck.  (If this makes sense to you, you are in
serious trouble and need help.  On the other hand, it shows you are on the
right mailing list.  It also means you are probably not a Portuguese
Chemistry prof.)  Ruben, the Oni Special is also on the way.  The price of
the book and postage was $4.50.   Eduardo, I'm still working on getting
Groo & Rufferto 1-4 and all the Fanboy's for you.  It'll happen.   

Btw, a couple folks have mentioned to me that they hoped I had enough FCBC
card sets and they hadn't all been sold yet.  I have MORE than enough FCBC
card sets. I don't think I will EVER run out.  Also, if you want a set and
will be at the San Diego Con, get them from me there and save the postage. 
It'll also be a good opportunity to get the respective card signed by the
Groo Crew and other artists.    

Take care all  -Gary G.  

PS  Rene, the price of the Groo Sketch card is up to $510.  Would you
consider adopting me?  I AM an orphan.  (OK, so I'm a 44 year old orphan,
what difference does that make?)  

PPS, my second favorite Spaniard in the world, ventriloquist Senor Wences
(real name Wenceslao Moreno) died last month at the age of 103.  Like all
great ventriloquists, his real genius was in his comedy and how he applied
it into his ventriloquist skills. (kind of like another Spaniard we know
who does the same thing with his artistic abilities.)  Little Johny and the
head in the box were priceless!!  Senior Wences was a regular on the Ed
Sullivan show and similar programs and also showed up on ads all the time. 
I beleieve he was also a guest on the old Muppet Show.   I hope none of you
are too young to have missed him doing at least a little part of his
schtick.  He was a singular, marvelous talent. S'right?  S'right!