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Re: Into the fray!!

And beware that the list there is sorrily out of date.  I have a whole
whack of information that I need to add to it and rearrange, and with
any luck (and getting off my arse!), it'll be up soon.  Also in the
plans are my own web page for it.....

Good luck with the collecting!  I think you did err.... :-}


schechner & associates wrote:
> >Hello mendicants, I need some help. Can anyone supply me with a
> >comprehesive list of Sergios work ( excluding anything Mad related ) as
> >I am starting a collection based on his work( Did I err? ). I would
> >appreciate any information anyone supplies me with, Thank you for time
> >and pass the cheese dip.
> >groosum
> The Unofficial Sergiography can be found at:
> http://welcome.to/groo
> Good luck on your formidable task!
> Chris Schechner
> Sorry for the cc, groop, but I wanted you to know an answer had been sent.