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Re: Quote in Epic #100.

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From: Ronny Hansen <hansenro@online.no>
To: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Date: Tuesday, June 01, 1999 10:18 AM
Subject: Quote in Epic #100.

Greetings Good Groopers.

Just reread issue 100, and noticed a quote on the last page of the
story. It's written upside-down on a scroll, and reads:

"I was guilty of nothing more than putting ideas into the braines of
reasonable men. They treathen to execute me but they will not."

Anyone know where this quote come from?

Yup, issue 78 (the "book burning" issue), page 14.  The rest of the scroll
would read "To do so would be to admit how afraid they are of the people
being allowed free thought.  This will be seen and I will be freed."  Spoken
by Weaver in prison.