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Re: Quote in Epic #100.

>"I was guilty of nothing more than putting ideas into the braines of
>reasonable men. They treathen to execute me but they will not."

Yeah, sure, Socrates.  


PS: They did, in point of fact, execute him.
PPS:  Wow!  It feels weird to have posted after so long.
PPPS:  Starting Sunday, I'll be gone for 8 weeks.  Try not to miss me too 
PPPPS:  If anyone on the groop actually needs to contact me, which I doubt 
will happen, I'll be at Brookhaven Labs, and I'll try to remember to post my 
email address there to the Groop. That is, if I get one.  I mean, are 
chemical-testing guinea pigs usually assigned edresses?

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?