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Re: Sergio Aragones MAD Paperback Book Help

Hi Folks!

I have been to Powells a bunch of times and it IS the biggest, coolest
bookstore I've ever seen.  Sergio's "MAD" books are packed in with other
MAD books, along with Martin's, Jafee's, and Berg's, in Powells and almost
every other used book store that has them.  Unfortunately, I don't have a
handy list that I can cut and paste, but here goes:

Starting in 1970, there have been 16 Warner paperbacks by Sergio.  There
was aslo an oversized MAD Marginals, which was a reprint of stuff used in
the MAD Marginals and which was later reprinted as one of the 16 Warner
books.  There was also the really oversized MAD on Parade (1978), which was
repinted with a different cover and also came out in a European edition. 
All this stuff is wordless gags just like Louder Than Words.  

Here are the Warner Books:

Viva MAD
MAD about MAD
MAD-ly Yours
In MAD We Trust
MAD as the Devil
Incurably MAD
Shootin' MAD
MAD Marginals
MAD as a Hatter
MAD Menagerie
More MAD Marginals (Groo appearances)
MAD Pantomimes(Groo appearances)
More MAD Pantomimes(Groo appearances)
MAD as Usual(Groo appearance)
Totally MAD
SA's Next MAD Book (Groo appearances)

All of this is original material except the Marginals books.  The Groo
appearances in the second Marginal books are original and it was explained
to me that Sergio redrew them for the book and added Groo.  

OK, that's it for now.  I gotta go.  Shane, I'll answer your other question

Take care all-Gary G.  

> From: Dr. Clarke <sac@foolarchy.com>
> To: groop@groo.com
> Subject: Sergio Aragones MAD Paperback Book Help
> Date: Wednesday, June 02, 1999 9:52 AM
> I went to the, literally, biggest New/Used Book store in the world. I
> the last 5 days in Portland, Oregon... beautiful place. I visited
> Powell's... frickin monsterously huge book store.
> Anyways... In my on going search for Sergio Stuff, I can't seem to locate
> and 'different' Paper Back Books that he did. Does anyone one know how
> he did? 
> (You know the ones I'm talking about?)
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