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Re: Rufferto iz da man!

On Thu, 03 Jun 1999 09:45:11 +0200, Joe Fricano
<oddman@hyperisland.se> wrote:

>MARK! Was there ever a plan to actually have Groo eat Rufferto or were you just
>going to have him wander off after a couple of issues?

ME: This is covered in a piece I wrote that's in THE GROO HOUNDBOOK.
We planned to have Groo finally decide he couldn't eat the one
creature in the world who had ever admired him.  The idea was that
Groo would wander off alone and Rufferto would return to the palace in
which he lived...and they might be reunited later for a story or two.

Rufferto, however, had other ideas and insisted on sticking around.

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