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Re: Rufferto iz da man!

>ME: This is covered in a piece I wrote that's in THE GROO HOUNDBOOK.
>We planned to have Groo finally decide he couldn't eat the one
>creature in the world who had ever admired him.  The idea was that
>Groo would wander off alone and Rufferto would return to the palace in
>which he lived...and they might be reunited later for a story or two.
>Rufferto, however, had other ideas and insisted on sticking around.

~~~ In other words, years of being around moldering comic book pages
finally started to alter ME's brain chemistry, and Rufferto actually
visited him in the shower one morning.  I can just picture Rufferto,
perched on the fuzzy toilet seat cover saying, "Mark... buddy, pal.....
c'mon!  Just gimme a few more issues.... "  Of course, other side effects
of the dreaded "Acidic Comic Molder" disease includes long talks with dead
relatives at the grocery store and the occaisional tango with a coat rack. 

~Nate Urinetoast.~ I'm baaaack.  What do you mean you didn't know I was
gone?  I haven't posted in almost a week.... sheesh.  That's a record for
me!  Or a sign of the Apocolypse.
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