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Rufferto's existence

Hmm...  Here's my take on why Rufferto is so important to the comic.

In any media of entertainment, it's important that the audience can connect
and relate to a character.  Before Rufferto came along, all we had was
Groo.  As entertaining as he is, he's not easy to relate to.  Sure, most of
us would love to hack our enemies to pieces and walk out of every
confrontation, unscathed, and with a clear conscience, but most of us
don't.  RUfferto is the viewer's connection to the comic.  Notice how often
he mirror's the reader's thoughts on a given situation when Groo is doing
something stupid?  Someone as intelligent as Rufferto, normally wouldn't
stick around someone so terminally dumb, but the fact that Rufferto blindly
idolizes Groo, is what logically allows him to stick around to act as an
aid to the readers.

Here's a question to ask those who think the comic was better before Rufferto:

"Is it Rufferto who troubles you, or is it the gradual (but considerable)
change in the comic's direction? (less midless slaughter, more emphasis on
morals)  It seems to me, Rufferto popped up around the time that the morals
started becoming more prevalent.

~Nate (sorry this was such a serious post.) P.
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