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Re: Rufferto's existence

I don't have a problem with the current stories, their morals, or with the fact that there is less hack-and-slash but I do feel the earlier stories were better (fresher?). I get restless sometimes when Rufferto thinks the same stuff that he does in every issue and does the same things that he does in every issue (It works better for me when Groo's behavoir is predictable), but Mark and Sergio have always prided themselves on "doing the same jokes". I don't envy those guys having to come up with new ideas for that long--Groo has had quite a lifespan . . .and with the same crew, too!

Here's a question to ask those who think the comic was better before Rufferto:

"Is it Rufferto who troubles you, or is it the gradual (but considerable)
change in the comic's direction? (less midless slaughter, more emphasis on
morals)  It seems to me, Rufferto popped up around the time that the morals
started becoming more prevalent.

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