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I'm going to be gone for about three days at a con in Dallas. Now you
may ask yourself, " Who the hell is this?" And why shouldn't you? I'm
pretty sure not that man people know who I am. Plus, most of my posts
are either nonsense or off topic. Remember when a bunch of people were
posting on the cancelation of Mystery Science Theater? I started that.
Long lists of film and band name parodys based on Groo characters? I did
a couple of those too. Some crap about Star Wars? I may not have started
that one, but I was in on the ground floor. I said there were wall to
wall ewoks. Some people didn't take that well. Anyway, my point being,
I'm going on a short vacation, so if I don't respond to anyones E-mails,
assuming anyone actually directs anything at me, that's why. Oh, and I'm
Bryan, by the way.

---Bryan-- Too long to say too little