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Weird, ugly things

Whoever's idea it was to talk about Rufferto to get the Groop going again, 

I seem to remember this topic being discussed in several Groo Grams.

My view on the subject:

I never liked the earlier issues of Groo.  I think it may be because of the 
stories weren't 'jokey' enough for me, or that Groo's character wasn't quite 
'set' yet, or the coloring was off, but it was probably because the first 
issues I ever read were the later ones.  It's not that Rufferto is all 
important, but as FanBoy Finster says, your first superman is the best 
superman (or something).  Which means since my first Groos were 
Rufferto-riffic, I find them most appealing

MARK:  Yeah, I hate it when fictional characters intimidate me into letting 
them continue to exist.
NATE:  Whoa! Nate gets zen on Groo.  Freak-a-delic!
GARY:  Yeah, I seem to have that effect on people.


PS:  I have saved all of Mark's emails to me.  Now Mark, doesn't that make 
you feel special?
PPS:  Groo is not the ugliest of all uglies!  He is nowhere near the top!
PPPS:  Ha!  You take me for the fool I am!
PPPPS:  Groo is not feckless!  He has plenty of feck!
PPPPPS:  Fly, chicken!
PPPPPPS:  Another topic of discussion might be:  favorite Grooular quotes.  
If I've already cited yours, too bad, I win.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?