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Places to find back issues...

Here's my token occasional insight on where to get new or old issues of
Groo (and any comic for that matter).

1)Your local comic shop.  If they don't carry Groo, they don't deserve

2)Folks on the Groop.  Post your want list, and some lowly Groopie might
just find some issues for you.

3)Ebay www.ebay.com Great place to find deals on runs and seperate
issues for cheap cheap cheap.  You have to trust the auction system,
though.  While a few people have had problems (not me), I feel the
benefits far outweigh the occasional bad seller or scam.

4)Mile High Comics www.milehighcomics.com (or some other sites that
Groopies have recommended).  I've found they have a great on-line
catalogue of back issues, and I've had no problems with their service.

Good luck,
old timer unextraordinaire.