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Comix 2000

[I did send this message with one of my aliases, and it was rejected:
 trying again with my list subscriber email. There was a Cc: to M.E.
 --guess he got it]


Do you know about the project 'Comix 2000' by the french publisher
"L'association"? This is a 2000 pages comic book, planned as an anthology
of international comic book artists.

It's all pantomime, so it's very international... ;-)

I wonder if Sergio was contacted to participate to the project?

Right after this email, I'll send "L'association" another one to ask them
about Sergio, and giving M.E. PO Box and email, so then can contact Sergio
through Mark, if they haven't already.

I think Stan could also do art for the project. That would be great to
have them both in that book !!!

The book is planned for november 1999.

Art (3 to 15 pages without text) can be submitted until mid-July or so.

L'Association, 16 rue de la Pierre-Levee, 75011 PARIS, FRANCE
Tel: +33 1 43 55 85 87
Fax: +33 1 43 55 86 21
Mail: lassocia@club-internet.fr

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