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Re: josh feels bad!

Sorry everybody!

We finally took down jezebel.dreamhost.com (the server groo.com is on)
after moving all our customers off it. We are going to upgrade it and
stuff. But I totally spaced out and forgot groo.com runs off of it!
Fortunately, the list itself is really just groo-l@newdream.net which
still works, so use that for a few hours until groo.com comes back up and
then you can go back to using groop@groo.com. 

So I'm feel very bad and would like to apologize to everyone.. especially
Gary! Poor guy...

  Josh  |  josh@newdream.net
--------+-----------------------------------> <--------------
 Jones  |  http://josh.newdream.net

On Fri, 4 Jun 1999, Kevin Hall wrote:

> Josh,
> You around? The Groo list seems to have gone down. www.groo.com seems to have
> gone down also. Hope your move went ok...talk to us! :) I actually got a call
> from Gary tonight...you're sending folks into withdrawal!! ;)
> Adios for now,
> Kevin