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Panic Attack Relief!!!!!

(Ok Gary, Deep Breaths)  I feel so much better now.  Thanks Josh, and
thanks also Kevin!   Below is the first message I sent that didn't go
through.  The Groop was having a great discussion about Rufferto and
someone asked about the issue that ended with the ton of cheese dip
splorshing down on everyone:  

Hi Folks!

I remember the ton of cheese dip ending, but I can't remember which issue
that is offhand. (See, I'm not TOTALLY obsessed)  In 113, he gets wishes
from a Genie, but in that one he keeps wishing for rain and causes floods. 

I'll throw in my two kopins about Rufferto (Roo-fair-toe) later.  No time
now.  Also, in case anyone was wondering, Mark told me once that "Evanier"
(Eh-van-air) (Like the name "Evan", not the Canadian "eh") is an Ellis
Island Special and he knows of no others.  

Take care all -Gary G.