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Panic Attack Relief, Part 2

Here's my 2 kopins on Rufferto discussion:  (btw, I haven't done the last
part yet.  Probaly someime today.) 

Hi Folks!

I love Rufferto!  I too read that 1984 Sergio interview where he said Groo
could never have a sidekick because the sidekick would take over. 
Obviously, he changed his mind.  Also, a dog as a sidekick works because a
dog, as opposed to another person, is not in a position to take over.  

There are a few minor elements of the first couple Groos that I'm glad they
changed, but I like the pre-Rufferto as much as the post-Rufferto Groo

The Rufferto character is a brilliant creation on many levels.  First, it
creates all sorts of story oppurtunities.   There have been at least a
dozen comics where the main story revolves around Rufferto.   Plus there
are all the one-page Rufferto gags on the back covers.  Plus he provides
the third element to a unique relationship triangle whenever Chakaal shows

Second, Groo's devotion to Rufferto makes Groo a more likeable character. 
It gives him a universally likeable trait.  

Thirdly, I've always thought of Rufferto as sort of our (the reader's)
representative in the comic.  Rufferto is actually pretty smart, except for
his devotion to Groo.  Most of Groo's fans are pretty smart (myself
excluded), except for our devotion to Groo.  He thinks a lot of things that
we think or say, but like us, he cannot be heard.   

Anywho, that's my two kopins.  I'm going to put this on the
rec.arts.comics.misc. newsgroup prefacing it by saying we've been
discussing the issue on the e-mail list and see if it generates anything. 
Some of you could join in.  

Take care all -Gary G.