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Re: Gary and Shane... no room in this town!

 Actually, there'd be plenty of room in this town.  Between us, Shane and I
weigh less than 300 lbs. But hmmm.  Shane and I within 120 miles of each
other and me already only 200 miles south of Ruben.  Definitely a potential
World-Groo imbalance that could have long-range ramifications.  Of course,
with Groo central being in Southern Cal. (cuz Mark, Sergio, Stan and Tom
live there) we still know where the real earthquake hazard will continue to
be.  Take care -Gary G.

PS   VERY embarassing!!!!!  Finn's FCBCcard set was not complete.  I didn't
check any of them.  Please all the folks who have received them make sure
they are all there!!!!!!!  I apologize 100 times.  I actually should
apologize even more.  Like maybe 50 times!