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Re: Rufferto

I think Rufferto is great. I think his character compliments Groo very well. Also, his blind devotion to the wanderer makes up for his intellect. But to see some stories w/o Ruferto would be kinda cool. Maybe something from groos teenage years?

So theres my 2 kopins on that subject

And speaking of a younger Groo, I was looking through some back issues last night and in issue #41 (marvel) when Groo meets up with Granny Groo she calls him a hen-headed warthog and he start remebering back when she first called him that. So there is a panel showing a young Groo who has just been spanked by his Granny and there is a Young Grooella and some other kid laughing at Groo. My question is who is this other kid? is he some sort of cousin to Groo or something? And if he is, will we ever see him agian? Mark?

P.S. I have no idea why I'm asking this silly question, I guess I'm just rambling :)

P.P.S. Rambling is fun

From: Finn Smith <mulch3@hotmail.com>
To: groop@groo.com
Subject: Rufferto
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 19:37:29 PDT

Hello everyone. Since the groop has been a little quiet lately, I have
decided to bring up a topic that has concerned me for quite some time.
Perhaps this issue will develop into a Groop discussion and provide
temporary fodder for the mailing list.
I would like to know if there are any long-time Groo fans who liked the
comic better before the regular appearance of Rufferto. I have always loved
the Groo comics and will continue to purchase and read them but I am a Groo
purist and I do not care much for his loyal spotted companion. I wouldn't
mind Rufferto as an occasional character (like the minstrel, for example)
but I understand he could not exist believably in that role. My friends and
family enjoy the Pacific issues best and really like everything prior to
Rufferto's first appearance. (I like the issues depicting the origins of
Groo and Rufferto but I feel that more often than not, he weakens Groo's
role in a given tale).
According to the December 1984 issue of "Amazing Heroes", Sergio once felt
this way as well. The following is a direct excerpt from this article:

Aragones feels he has strong reasons for avoiding regular supporting
characters. "When you have a hero," he points out, "it's very easy to have
a sidekick because then the hero doesn't have to do anything but solve their
problems. Groo is humor, though. A hero like Groo is so stupid that
whatever sidekick he'd have would eventually become the leading character
while Groo would become the second banana. even if Groo had a pet, the pet
would have to be brighter than him, so automatically that pet would become
the leading character. A sidekick could never be that dumb, so characters
have to come in and out.
"Groo has to be a loner. If you're bright, you need a character who's
dopier than you are to show you're the hero. You rescue them, save them
constantly. If you're the dopey one, though, your sidekick is in trouble."

--Amazing Heroes #61 (December 15, 1984)

I am aware of Sergio's relationship with his dog the reasons he introduced
Rufferto into the life of Groo and ultimately, I accept anything he and Mark
do with the comic. I am a supporter of the Groo comic now and forever but
did anyone else cringe when the last 4-issue series featured Rufferto's name
in the title . . .?


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