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doubles/groo fonts

You may be thinking... did Nate send 2 messages about his font site?  The
answer is, no.  I guess when Josh got groop@groo.com working again, my old
post finally went through the pipes.  Sorry guys.  But while I'm on the
topic, thanks for everybody's continuing help where the fonts are
concerned.  And I'm no longer in need of a font program.  I figured out a
way to make my own fonts with my usual graphics programs.  So
comicbookfonts.com watch out!  I've started my own comic lettering font
thisa weekend either called, "Urinetoast" or "Umberto".  Not sure which yet.

I thought I had a great idea to make a lettering font based on Stan Sakai's
lettering, (with his permission of course) but I decided that it was a bad
idea.  Stan does his lettering the old fashioned way, and I wouldn't want
to try and imitate a genious at the art.  

BUT!  I do want to come up with a font somehow named after GROO.  I was
thinking about doing a sound effects font, you know, big blocky letters for
words like "GASH! and "BLARGH!"  Maybe I'll call it, "Fray!" 

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