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Re: Is there anybody out there?

In a message dated 6/8/99 10:05:39 AM Central Daylight Time, 
JKozicki@adesa.com writes:

 So we return to the old stand-by's  "What is that thing on Groo's chest?
  Is it VHS or Betamax?"

It looks like SVHS to me.

Jacob S.

Long P.S.  I was bored and sleepless(it was like 5:30 AM, and I hadn't gone 
to sleep yet), so I decided to go onto some AOL chat rooms(these trips are 
few and far between).  I went into the "Phantom Menance" chatroom, and 
several people commented on my name, "Groo Jedi."  It seems that three or 
four other people besides me knew who Sergio was, and knew who groo was, 
along with the running jokes and his faithful companion.  It wuz pretty kewl. 
 Five out of 21 people, I'd say that's pretty good odds and sergio has got 
nuthin to woory 'bout.