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new groopie on the block ...

hi all,

mi just discovered Groop and mi thinks itz such a wunderful idea to
have a special forum for onli Groo fans ... 

mi have a few questions that mi hope u groopies can help mi out with

1) mi wanna make a personal Groo webpage ... and mi wanna scan and put
some Groo pix on it ... do mi need to seek permission from Sergio or
Mark ?? (mi have read stories about companies suing poor innocent
personal webpage makers!)

2) mi read in groo.com that DC is gonna publish a Sergio comic called
Fanboy ... but mi asked around the local comic shops and they dun seem
to have heard about it ... has it been published yet ? if not, then
when ?

mi thank you for yer help !!

peace, kool kat.

p.s. mi thinks the blue thing on groo's chest looks like a portable
fancy cookie mould !

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