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RE: new groopie on the block ...

> 1) mi wanna make a personal Groo webpage ... and mi wanna scan and put
> some Groo pix on it ... do mi need to seek permission from Sergio or
> Mark ?? (mi have read stories about companies suing poor innocent
> personal webpage makers!)
	Nope, they're pretty cool about allowing web pages.  There are quite
a few out there (including the GROOP's own!
http://www.piekosarts.com/mendicants  Go there and read the FAQ for the
Groop and see the bio's of your fellow

> 2) mi read in groo.com that DC is gonna publish a Sergio comic called
> Fanboy ... but mi asked around the local comic shops and they dun seem
> to have heard about it ... has it been published yet ? if not, then
> when ?
	Its out and is up to issue five now I think?  (I haven't read it yet


> p.s. mi thinks the blue thing on groo's chest looks like a portable
> fancy cookie mould !
	Funny, I always thought it looked like a sword clasp : )