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Re: Strange Story

I'll save you the trip....

Groo 25mm Lead Miniatures #1 - 5 (1986, Dark Horse Miniatures)
        #1: Groo, Mulch, Chaakal, Sage, Minstrel.
        #2: Groo, Taranto, Witch of Kaan, Arcadio.
        #3: Young Groo, Grooella, Sergio, Gravito.
        #4: Wenches and Warriors (2 title maidens, 2 guards).
        #5: Dragon assembled from 5 pieces.
        Some shipments were packaged in stock Dark Horse packaging, w/
or w/o 
        an orange Groo sticker on them.  Most were packaged in dedicated
        featuring artwork by SA and a poem by ME.

Funny how these things went from being completely impossible to locate a
couple years ago (I remember one of my first posts to the Groop was
asking about them) to being a very common 'rare' item on Ebay almost
overnight. Always gives you hope for getting one of those elusive rare
items you're after....


GrooJedi@aol.com wrote:
> Yep, there are (or were) five sets.  I just completed my set :)  Anysways,
> you could check out what each set have at the Unofficial Sergiography, i
> think.
> Jacob S.