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Cool Tracking Tips (Part 2) - Jayde.com Newsletter

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                   Jayde.com Member Newsletter
                      June 8, 1999: Issue 5
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2.)... Cool Tricks for Keeping Track of Your Marketing (Part 2 of 2)
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Cool Tricks for Keeping Track of Your Marketing (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of Cool Tracking Tips, we touched on how to track the
effectiveness of your email campaigns and determine which hits were
generating sales by using a simple tracking method that requires 
nothing more than a log analysis tool for your server logs.

You might recall that this method capitalizes on two little known 
features of HTML:

1. Adding a ? to the end of a .htm or .html page, has no effect on 
the page that gets called up. The following URL's call exactly the
same page.
            < http://www.jayde.com/freecourse.html >

      < http://www.jayde.com/freecourse.html?killertactics >

2. Even though the same page is served, your server logs treat them as 
two different pages!

Now, how can you use this in your marketing?

A *great* many ways, but let me touch on some of the most important
By the time we're done you'll be on fire with new ideas for your

Here are a few to get you started:

1. Email

Remember how we talked about the problem of tracking email campaigns? 
This is the solution. You simply create a unique code for each email 
campaign you have and then track the results in your log files. This
will not just tell you how many clicks the campaign generated - it will 
also give you a good idea about how many people ordered as well. That
you look at your report of "paths traveled through site" and pay
to the path people took as a result of that particular campaign.

For example, if you see many instances of:

(The numbers show the order in which people viewed your pages - this is 
the "path traveled through site".)

1.  http://yoursite.com/index.htm?ad1
2.  http://yoursite.com/page1.htm
3.  http://yoursite.com/order.htm

And relatively fewer instances of:

1. http://yoursite.com/index.htm?ad2
2. http://yoursite.com/page1.htm
3. https://yoursite.com/order.htm

Then it is safe to assume ad1 is more effective than ad2 *even if ad2 
brought in more raw traffic*!

Remember, not all hits are equal, right?

2. Banner Campaigns

The same principle applies here. Just give each campaign a unique code 
and you will be able to track the effectiveness exactly as you have

WARNING: This is not a perfect system. You need to look at your actual 
number of orders and see if there is some congruence between your number 
of order page visits and your number of orders.

Also, there is a more effective way to track this. Simply get some 
referral partner tracking software and assign a different referral code 
to each campaign. Then you will no without question that the order came
as a result of the campaign.

However, referral partner software can be difficult to set up if you're 
not a CGI wiz and the best systems aren't cheap.

What I'm offering you here is an inexpensive way to track your campaigns 
that only require:

a. Your Imagination
b. A Log File Analysis Program

Can you think of some ways to immediately apply this technique to your 
marketing today? I challenge you to take the rest of the day refining 
your marketing effort using these techniques. You will be delighted
at the new insights you are shown. I bet you will be surprised to find 
out which of your campaigns are winners.

Article by Mark Joyner, CEO of Aesop Marketing Corporation and creator
1001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics - a *must have* tool for anyone 
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