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Dark Gvmnt. Agenda


I bet you folks never thought you'd hear from me again, huh?  Well, check out my 
new edress.  See that .gov in there?  I am now a dark and mysterious government 
agent. This is an underground communiqué from Brookhaven National Labs which is 
actually Area 52 (that's even more secretive than Area 51). The truth is right 
here.  As a matter of fact (I shouldn't tell you this, but being the Groo fans 
you are, you'll likely forget anyway) they have me reverse-engineering the alien 
spacecraft form the Roswell crash site. That's right aliens DO exist, and 
they're HOT!  Man, those green chicks have hooters form here to Andromeda. SHHH! 
don't tell anyone

Gary, you won't be surprised to know that the federal government has been 
hoarding Groo paraphernalia for years, to make them scarcer, in order to keep 
your keen deductive mind otherwise occupied, and keep their secrets safe.  

-That "Dark, Mysterious" Guy, Daniel (TGD)

PS:  I am not on the Groop, I was never on the Groop.  You don't know who I am.  
Thus, if you want to get in touch with me, you'll have to (HORRORS!) send email 
to my cool new email address.  You have been notified.

PPS:  This email will self-destruct in 20 seconds.  If you're a slow reader, 
you're already dead.