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By the way, I'll share this with the Groop: We had a big fight over a couple of tiny drawings of Pogo Possum that were put on one page by this lady who lives with me part-time. Her father created POGO and her family now owns the character.

DC wanted them eliminated for fear of copyright problems, even though
she drew them.  I had a huge fight with them and poor Tom Luth was put
through hell because he had to revise pages that he'd already colored
and color separated.  DC finally had the little Pogos eliminated...and
then the printer made a mistake and used the wrong plates.  So Pogo
appears in the printed book after all.

I think Groo is working for the printer.  And this is especially funny
if you remember how SERGIO DESTROYS DC ended...with DC's printers
accidentally printing the wrong comic.

Me thinks that a conspiracy Is at work for all this Much too perfect an explanation Something is a miss.

I doubt the above mentioned was
Truely the work of Groo;
'stead the answer can be found
At section Fifty-two.


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