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Groo Stuff

Hi Folks!

Well, things have been a little slow, but that's OK.  I'm still hooked up
to the Asterix mailing list and it's even slower over there.  (Of course,
THEY don't have a Sparky UrineToast or a That X-files Guy Daniel.)  In my
case, #2 son is graduating from high school and many things associated with
that which are more important than Groo (Gasp!) are taking up much time.  

Nate, the Groofest plans will be nowhere until I talk to Sergio at San
Diego and see if he was serious about doing it.  Assuming he was, I'll
start figuring things out immediately and keep everyone updated.  

The Groo Houndbook is very cool!  Original wraparound cover, everything
from Epic 29-32 except Groo-Grams, including the covers, high quality paper
that does justice to Sergio's art and Tom's coloring, and a nifty one-page
commentary by Mark that is both humorous and gives insights about
Rufferto's history.  Buy it!   

Hey, Mark!  Great Story about the pogo possums and DC!  Proof that life
imitates art and Groo is indeed everywhere!  

As someone who works in a bureaucracy, I love it when the overly cautious
pooh-bahs and their attorney-advisors who invariably run such organizations
(and who ignore common sense at every opportunity) get thwarted in the end,
even when it's by accident (or maybe especially when it's by accident.) 

Which reminds me, Daniel. If the government is hoarding Groo stuff, that
would explain a lot about why the government is so inept at times.  ("I am
not inept!  I am very ept!"-Groo [I forget what issue])  Maybe instead of
being worried about Y2K, we should be worried about Y-Groo-K. 

Btw2  Personally, Kevin, I would rather go to the Gary Grossmann Groo
Treatment Center than the Betty Ford clinic any day.  You'd meet a better
class of people.  Plus, think how much fun we would have during the riot
that would ensue when they inevitably made the error of serving warm pork
for dinner.   

Btw3  A little while back, I reported that the Official Unofficial Groo
Count of items on the Official Unofficial Groo List topped the 1000 mark. 
Well, I found out from that Great Grooper Trooper and lover of the
triumphant Manchester United Soccer team, Azamin, that the weekly Groo
reprints in The Sun newspaper in beautiful Malaysia did not begin until
March 10, 1996, rather than April of 1994, as I had been led to believe. 
Knocking off 82 weeks of the reprints dropped the figure well below 1,000. 
For those few deranged souls who care, below is the current
count.(Cyberspace may mess up the tab spacing)  Take care all-Gary G.  

Original Groo Adventures (149 reg. CB's) 	156 	
Groo Reprints                			  17      	  
International Groo (known)			153 	
Malaysian Newspaper Reprints	  		168     	
Groo Merchandise & Miscellaneous Items 	  80   	
Groo Cards (Reg. & IG)      			162     	
Groo in MAD Magazine    	 	 	  65     	
Other Original Groo Appearances  		139     
TOTAL                       		          		940