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Consolidate too

>1) yes, there are female groop members... my fiance is one, though she >only posts once a year. Then there's Bubble and Unirabbit and Lia etc., >who post only slightly more often... ; )
Hey! I resemble that remark.
I don't just post slightly more often than Chett...I actually post much
more often...you know, that number that comes after one...7, was it?

>C) Great story ME.  
I agree with(TM) Nate.

 There's an Asterix mailing list? Wow.
 I have almost all of the comic books...I think.

-(Dan,I'll be borrowing a couple of p.s.')

P.S. There's a very cool font to be found at 
called Voodoo Doll. Now go.

P.S.2 Is anyone in Groo land...Pokemon Crazy?

P.S.3 I would prefer to be Grooper, a Grooid, a Midnight Toker and a
Groopie (in that order)than to be whatever a groopette is.

P.S.4 School. Ugh. School starts again on Monday!