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Malaysian Groo T shirts

Hi Lia,

> P.P.P.S. Azamin, just wanted to know, did you ever recieve my
> check? I sent it out before I went on vacation, and that was almost
> two months ago.

Honestly, I didn't get any letter/check from you.  (you're from the
Philipines right?)  Was it a registred mail or the ordinary one?.  All
checks that I already recieved are from Canada or the US, nothing from The
Philipines.  Maybe it got lost somewhere during the delivery.  (you are
still in the list) Actually I was busy at that time (till at the end of May)
which prevent me from going to the Sun office and buy those shirts. That's
why I didn't ask you to pay yet.  I asked you to wait till the shirts are
available.  If anybody cancel their orders, I still can sell it on ebay or
some friends in Malaysia.  I've send all shirts using registred mail so that
the receipent will get their shirts.

ps.  Saad Azim,  I  have the same problem with your payment mail too.  I
still didn't receive any mail from you.  Which address did you send me?
this one (my home town address)

21 Kampung Nelayan
02000 Kuala Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia

or this

#9 jalan Tebing tiga 8/8C
Section 8
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Malaysia.