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Groop Talk

Hi Folks!

OK, here are some suggested Groop Topics:

1.  Who is your favorite supporting Character (and why)?  (Rufferto doesn't

As you may have figured out from past posts, mine is Chakaal because she is
a classic hero in every sense of the word and everything poor ol' Groo
isn't. She makes a great counter point to Groo when they are together as
she reluctantly and only with partial sucess tries to guide him into doing
something right.  (Plus, she's a babe!) 

2.  Who is your least favorite supporting Character (and why?)  

I think my least favorite character is the Minstrel.  He is a real pain in
the ass, fawns over Arcadio, and generally just grates on me.  Which is
probably what he is supposed to do.  I wish Groo really would turn him into
a soprano.  Arcadio is also annoying, but after his first few appearances,
he started to get some of what he deserves.  Like when he was easily taken
in by The Cult in #89 and made to look like an idiot in the Sages "Wager of
the Gods" stories.  

3.  What is your favorite issue?  

This has been brought up before, but maybe there are enough newbies to
bring it up again.  #100 where Groo learns to read seems to be the
consensous for "best" issue.  But everyone seems to have their own favorite
or what what for them is the funniest.  I can't narrow it down.  Some stick
in my mind like the monks and the multiple Groos or The Life of Groo, but
then other people bring up others and I say "Oh, yeah, that was a great one

4.  Most Prized Groo Possession

I realize most folks only have the comics and maybe the cards, which only
shows there is hope for you if you turn back now. But I thought I would
throw this out as a topic for the certifiable loonies like myself who have
gone out of their way to pick up Groo stuff.  It also gives Shane one more
chance to rub it in that he has a Sketch card and I don't.  

Anywho, I can't narrow it down to one.  I have been very, very lucky.  I
guess my most prized Groo possessions are a sketch Sergio did for me with
Groo and several other characters looking out and saying jointly "Oh no! 
It's Gary Grossmann!", the original art for Groo card #89, the original art
for page 14 of Image Groo #8, and a copy of "Telegraph Wire #12" from late
1983 with a cool colored cover of Groo roasting Rudolf the Red-Nosed
Reindeer. The reason this last is so prized to me is because after
exhausting all possiblities, it looked like I was going to have to settle
for a photocopy from Diana Schutz, currently editor at Dark Horse who
worked for the folks who produced the Telegraph wire way back when. To my
shock and amazement, Diana, who thought she only had one copy, had two and
sent me her extra.  I told you I have been very lucky. 

OK, there are some Groop Topics.  I'm sure there are others.  Take care

-Gary G.