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Re: Groop Talk

>1.  Who is your favorite supporting Character (and why)?  (Rufferto doesn't

I like the Sage because he seems to be above it all in some way, although
he got involved in the foolishness when everybody started doing the guru
thing in one story. I like Chakaal, too, although she seems a bit uppity to
me. I don't know if she really is, but she just seems that way to me.

>2.  Who is your least favorite supporting Character (and why?)

I don't have an opinion here, but doesn't this question sound like
something from a test in school?

>3.  What is your favorite issue?
The one I'm reading when the question is asked.
>4.  Most Prized Groo Possession
At a convention, I ran into Mark, and he signed my sketchbook, writing,
"Sergio, draw Groo here" and then put an arrow to a blank spot on the page,
so when I saw Sergio, he followed Mark's directions.