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Re: Groop Talk

> 1.  Who is your favorite supporting Character (and why)?  (Rufferto doesn't
> count)

	I'd have to agree with (TM) Gary on that.  Chakaal would be my favorite
'regular' supporting character.  Also, a lot of the goofy one-shot
characters that Groo has met over the years have been a lot of fun.  

> 2.  Who is your least favorite supporting Character (and why?)

	For the same reasons, the Minstrel.  Sometimes, Sage tends to get on my
nerves too.  And usually, the greedy kings or queens are annoying enough
to make me loose my cheesedip.  But that's what they're supposed to do,
me thinks.

> 3.  What is your favorite issue?

	Hmm, impossible to say.

> 4.  Most Prized Groo Possession

	Um, how about the real Groo in my basement.... 

	Otherwise, my promo posters ('cuase I like the nostalgia of them), or
my Golden Apple Card (it looks so cool with it's gold metallic finish),
or my set of miniatures ('cause I wandered the earth for years and years
looking for them).....  Also my sample embroidery patch for the Rapid
Eye Groo jacket!

All best,