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Re: Groop Talk

Hi Groopies !!
> 1.  Who is your favorite supporting Character (and
> why)?  (Rufferto doesn't count)
it has to be captain Ahax ... he's definitely the most pitiful guy in
Groo-verse and mi luv reading how Groo messes up his life over and over
again ... heehee ... (pls dun think mi is a sadist) ... 

> 2.  Who is your least favorite supporting Character
> (and why?)  
mi least fav is a tie between the Minstrel and Grooella ... kudos to ME
for giving us great rhymes for the Minstrel (he should get a bonus for
every issue that the Minstrel appears in!), but mi thinks he's a
pompous and pretentious snob ... as for Grooella, mi just thinks she
does nuthing for the story except in The Life of Groo ... (honest
opinion so no spams pls !)

> 3.  What is your favorite issue?  
issue #100 is great but mi personal fav issue is the Guru issue where
Groo teaches the masses "nothing" ... mi can't remember the issue # but
itz absolutely the most hilarious ... itz great as an introduction to
Groo coz u dun need to ani previous knowledge about Groo or the
supporting cast to enjoy it ... (in fact mi have managed to get a few
of mi frens to collect Groo on the strength of that issue!) ...
> 4.  Most Prized Groo Possession
unfortunately mi dun have much Groo stuff besides the comics ... guess
mi most prized is the Groo trading cards set that mi just bought at a
convention in Melbourne,Aust for AUD$20 ... but unfortunately itz
missing the last 8 Image of Groo cards ... <sigh>

Kool Kat

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