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Groop Talk

1. Who is my favorite supporting character? 

  I would have to say it would be Chakaal, I just love those strong female
types and the way she makes Groo go bonkers (he is always) when she is
around him.

2. Who is my least favorite character?

   It is definitely Arcadio, he is the most pompous ass around always
getting the credit for Groos accomplishments.

3. What is my favorite issue?

   That would be issues 1-8 Pacific, 1-120 Epic, 1-12 Image comics (just
kidding)  IMHO it would be issues 73-75 Epic comics, where Groo has the
Scepter of King Cetro.  Also any Groo comic with a fray in it.

4. Most prized Groo possession?

   It would be my Groo cards, and Sergio autograph and my Groo jacket and
Groo patches and Groo well any thing I can get my hands on that has him on
it but not underwear.

5.  My question to the Groop.   Has anyone seen a Groo Frisbee?

Michael D. McWhorter

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