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Re: Groop Talk

Great topic, Gary-

1. Who is your favorite supporting Character (and why)? (Rufferto doesn't count)
The Great Wizard would be my favorite but he didn't appear often enough to make the grade. Therefore my choice must be Arba. She is my favorite supporting character because She is very intelligent (and extremely well-designed . . .).

2. Who is your least favorite supporting Character (and why?)
Rufferto. I think Rufferto's role is only occasionally interesting in the Groo comics. He hasn't much dimension (I know Groo doesn't either, but that's his charm).

3. What is your favorite issue?
I like Marvel/Epic #2 the best (the Mocosa). I prefer the more developed stories such as Pacific #4 (featuring the Witch of Kaan) and #52 ("The Arana"), to the multi-issue adventure/quest issues. I also liked issues #8 (kantors), #26 (first appearance of Arba), and issue #80 (Thaiis).

4. Most Prized Groo Possession
I'm fond of the two-sided T-shirt where Groo is triumphant over the warrior, the 1980's Pacific promotional poster, and the drawing that Sergio did for me. I really, really, love the game and trading cards. I love the miniatures because it became such a quest to find them. But until the lunchbox, watch, and action figure come out, my favorite items are the comics and trades themselves.


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