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ME: figures, animation

Did you ever get a chance to take a peek at those Sandman "Endless Ones"
figures? Whoever's doing DC/Vertigo's figures, did a *very* nice set at a
reasonable price.

Also, was watching Muppets or Sesame Street with my daughter again today...Guy
Smiley is only about half a step away from Arcadio...the more I watched the
Muppets on the screen, the more I became convinced that it might be a better way
to do Groo than animation ever would. I know you've been involved in a lot of
animation, but if you get a chance, grab a peek at some Muppets/Sesame Street
with an open mind -- not sure whether you can give it a fair chance just
picturing it in your head. Besides, the work Henson's folks did on Labyrinth
convinced me that they are a WAY underutilized resource.