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Marx Bros. and Muppets

>-Gary G.

>PS  Hmmm. Everytime I read one of kool kat's messages I am reminded of the
>canoe scene in the Marx Brothers' "Horse Feathers".  In particular
>Groucho's response to the way Thelma Todd's is talking.  Probably it's just


Actually, it isn't just you. Being a big fan of the early Marx material, I
recalled the same thing. It also reminded me of an obscure character in BBC
radio show from Peter Seller's Goon Show that ran in the '50's. (...no, I am not
that old, I listened to the re-broadcasts years later here in the states)

Secondly, the Henson studios are definitely underutilized. Anyone going to see
the Muppets from Space movie this summer? And, does ANYONE out there get the new
cable "Kermit Channel." This is a joint venture between Henson and Hallmark.


Favorite Groo character: Capt Ahax
Least Favorite Groo character: Any character that tricks Groo into not slicing
him in half
Favorite issue:(actually my favorite scene) can't remember the issue, but it is
when he's walking into the quicksand on stilts in a sequential series of frames
on the page--had me in tears.
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