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Re: groo mouse pads ??

hi groopies !

> Groo mouse pads were a Groop produced (Nate & Ruben)
> item (w/ Sergio's permission) for Groop members 
> only.  It was a one-shot deal. You, my unfortunate 
> fellow, missed the oppurtunity to buy them by a 
> couple months. Sorry.   
<boohoo> ... anibodi got a spare Groo mousepad for sale ? ... <sob> 

> PS  Hmmm. Everytime I read one of kool kat's
> messages I am reminded of the canoe scene in the 
> Marx Brothers' "Horse Feathers". In particular
> Groucho's response to the way Thelma Todd's is
> talking.  Probably it's just me.   
mi is a bit too young and mi haven't seen ani Marx shows yet ... btw,
mi read somewhere that the AFI is coming up with a list of the top 100
actors/actresses of this century and the Marx bros are one of the

peace, kool kat.

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