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Unique groo mouse pads ??

--- Kevin S Hall <khall@sunspot.ummed.edu> wrote:
> They ran $12, and there were 2 designs. I DID get
> one of each...let me 
> take a look at them tonight when I get home to see
> if I want to part with 
> one of them. I'll email you again.
errm ... since there're 2 unique designs and u onli have 1 of each, mi
thinks they'll be a wee bit precious 2 u ... so mi'll feel pretty bad
if u sold one 2 mi ... but thanx aniways kev, u're a champ !

so ... anibody out there who has 2 or more Groo mousepads of the same
design willing to part with the extra one ?

peace, kool kat.
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