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Re: Unique groo mouse pads ??

Before everyone gets all worked up deciding if they can depart with any
of their precious Pads....

I may have one (1) extra available.  Initially, I thought that I had
messed up with packing everyone's orders, but no one has complained yet,
so I figure the printers gave me one extra.  It is design #1.  

2 questions:
1) Has anybody NOT received their Groopad order yet (Borje and Ken
Fritts aside)?
2) Has anybody who HAS recieved their order not get the right amount?

Provided everyone has their pads and none are missing, I'll take
requests from anybody who missed one for the last one I've got.  I'll
choose a random 'winner' from the names I receive within the next couple

All best,

bennido ng wrote:
> --- Kevin S Hall <khall@sunspot.ummed.edu> wrote:
> > They ran $12, and there were 2 designs. I DID get
> > one of each...let me
> > take a look at them tonight when I get home to see
> > if I want to part with
> > one of them. I'll email you again.
> errm ... since there're 2 unique designs and u onli have 1 of each, mi
> thinks they'll be a wee bit precious 2 u ... so mi'll feel pretty bad
> if u sold one 2 mi ... but thanx aniways kev, u're a champ !
> so ... anibody out there who has 2 or more Groo mousepads of the same
> design willing to part with the extra one ?
> peace, kool kat.
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