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Re: Unique groo mouse pads ??

> errm ... since there're 2 unique designs and u onli have 1 of each, mi
> thinks they'll be a wee bit precious 2 u ... so mi'll feel pretty bad
> if u sold one 2 mi ... but thanx aniways kev, u're a champ !
> so ... anibody out there who has 2 or more Groo mousepads of the same
> design willing to part with the extra one ?

I too have 2 mousepad but are unwilling to part with them even to use as a
present to the The Sun newspaper librian who had compilled Gary's
Malaysian newspaper reprints.  I tried to ask other grooper for extra
groopad a couple of months ago and nobody want to part with them.  So
Bennido, your possibility to get a mousepad is around 0.0001 percent.

btw, Gary had the most complete The Sun newspaper Groo reprints outside
the The Sun office. (he has the photocopy of 1996 and 1997 reprints and
the 1998 is being collected - original reprints).

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper