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Re: Groop Talk

1.  Who is your favorite supporting Character (and why)?  (Rufferto
 doesn't count)
Rufferto doesn't count?
Ahem. I like it when the li'l Groo's show up. Too cute.
Now regular supporting character...I like Sage, I guess.
It's funny how he always ends up in such an awful predicament after trying
to help people out...

2.  Who is your least favorite supporting Character (and why?)
Grooella. I just don't like her very much.

3.  What is your favorite issue?
The one where Rufferto shows up. #29, wasn't it?
And I also like the fountain of Youth issues. (see answer to #1)
4.  Most Prized Groo Possession
My, sniff, Groo Statue. I finally finally got it. It's safe ans sound on
top of my table, cuddly in front of my groopads...

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