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Re: Fanboy #6

My fiance, who grew up wanting to be Wonder Woman,
says she no longer wants to be her if she has to wear
(or not wear, as the case may be) the costume WW is
wearing these days. And forget about the outfit the
savage woman is wearing.  
Fanboy #6 was great, though.  A great ending, Mark.  I
loved how..... (Just kidding all) 

Tony D.

--- Eric Chun <ericchun@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi groopies/groopers/groopettes (or whatever
> you are)!
> Fanboy #6 just came out, and it's great!!!
> There's even a hidden (kind of) Groo in it,
> soo yoo knoo whoo has to purchase it!
> See you.
> Eric
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