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Re: Unique groo mouse pads ??

Hi Cantona !

What kind of Groo stories are printed in the Malaysian newspapers ?
Are they the continous storyline type (e.g. the Modesty Blaise or
Tarzan types where you have to wait 1 week/1 day for the next part of
the story) ? 

If yes, are they lifted off the regular Groo issues, or are they new
stories by Sergion done specially for the newspapaper syndicates ?

Or are they the few panels short comic type (e.g. Garfield or Blondie)

By the way, I'm a big Man U fan as well and my favourite player is Roy
Keane. They're coming to Melbourne (that's where I am) next month and
they'll be playing against the Australian National Team.

peace, kool kat.

--- "Azamin \"Cantona\" Zainol Abidin" <azamin7@pd.jaring.my> wrote:
> I too have 2 mousepad but are unwilling to part with
> them even to use as a present to the The Sun 
> newspaper librian who had compilled Gary's
> Malaysian newspaper reprints.  

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