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[Fwd: Unique groo mouse pads ??]

I'm having problem sending this message directly to tennille Tan
(dennison@philonline.com).  That's why I'm sending it thru groop.
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Tennille Tan wrote:

> Azamin "Cantona" Zainol Abidin wrote:
> >
> > Tennille Tan wrote:
> >
> > > Hey Azamin,
> > > The local libraries here compile copies of old newspapers. (Like the one my
> > > school has...copies of old newspapers from at least 3 dailies) So maybe, if
> > > there are some copies missing from gary's collection...you could get
> > > photocopies there...
> > > Just a thought.
> >
> I'm sorry if I offended you.
> I don't live in Malaysia, no.
> I haven't gone there either. I don't know a thing about the local area,
> the culture, etc.
> But I am speaking from actual experience. Although I might have jumped
> to conclusions a little...
> I live in the Philippines.
> Well the libraries here usually compile age old crumbly musty copies of
> local newspapers stretching back in years. Papers like the Manila
> Bulletin, the Philippine Star, the Philippine Inquirer and the Manila
> Times among various other periodicals, journals and magazines. This is
> primarily because a lot of libraries here lack the micro film thingee
> that other countries use...barring some of the more prestigious college
> libraries.
> Anyway, I was only trying to be helpful.
> Again, Sorry.

Then why should I get the Malaysian newspaper Groo reprints from the Philipines
newspaper??????  It's like Groo is thinking and come out with a brilliant
Actually, they only keep newspaper printed by their company as maybe some people
like me bump into their office and request the original hardcopy of
articles/reprints.  For other things, they have keep it microfilmed.  Anyway does
newspaper in the Philipines reprinting Groo???  If yes , try to tell Gary...
You did err!!!!  a lot.


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