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Re: Unique groo mouse pads ??

> What kind of Groo stories are printed in the Malaysian newspapers ?
> Are they the continous storyline type (e.g. the Modesty Blaise or
> Tarzan types where you have to wait 1 week/1 day for the next part of
> the story) ?

The story are taken from the Groo comic books, for example, beginning last
week, they are reprinting #100 Groo comic book.  And it's continues untill
the story ends.

> If yes, are they lifted off the regular Groo issues, or are they new
> stories by Sergion done specially for the newspapaper syndicates ?

I've answered that one.

> By the way, I'm a big Man U fan as well and my favourite player is Roy
> Keane. They're coming to Melbourne (that's where I am) next month and
> they'll be playing against the Australian National Team.

What are you waiting for?  go buy a ticket for you to watch the game.
Anyway  MU had an Australian goalkeeper now.  There will be some people
who will go to Australia for the game.  (I'm not going because of
financial constrains).  Last year Cantona went to Malaysia and I missed to
meet him t the clubhouse.  But  I had my picture with Sir Bobby during
Commonwealth games.