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Re: Groopads.

At 07:10 AM 6/18/99 -0400, Nate Piekos wrote:
>OK, here's my take on the groopads.  And Ruben, feel free to chime in.  
>Anybody who wants to give away a Groopad, fine.  GIVE away.  not sell.
>For anyone else who wants one, Ruben and I do have some extras (I think I
>have 4).  And I would only be willing to part w/ them if they were prizes
>for a new Groop contest.  I think it's been kinda slow around here for the
>past month or so, and a contest might help us out.
>BTW, Rube, what happened w/ the excess $$$ we made that we were going to
>donate to the CBLDF?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'm chiming. I'm a dirty little bastard because I have 4 and
I'm not sharing!!

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