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Groo Mouse Pads

My two cents,

    Actually, I like the idea of having some kind of contest to determine
who gets to be the proud new owner of a Groo Mouse Pad ( Since I would like
one too! ). It evens out the odds of winning, instead of going to the high
bidder ( or whatever ), I wonder who would do the judging of such a
contest? Maybe the person who is giving up the Pad or maybe ME himself? Or
possibly the groopies who did not participate in the contest?
    I do agree the winner gets the priviledge of paying for his or her own
    Or maybe letting it go to the high bidder and donating the proceeds to
the CBLDF or some other appropriate organization?

Groosum - "Into the fray!"

bennido ng wrote:

> hi nate,
> actually i think selling the Groop Groo mousepads is acceptable as long
> as it's not for a profit ... and the buyer should of course pay for the
> postage costs.
> peace,kool kat.
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