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Re: Groo Mouse Pads

Since this whole Groopad thing has been dragging on for over a year now,
I'd rather not wait for a contest to go (if one actually went).  So I've
picked two people to get the last two pads -- Armond and Bennido have
been randomly chosen by my rock solid, close my eyes and twirl my finger
and point method of drawing names.  And an auction would have been a
definite no-go....

All best,

Armond Robinson wrote:
> My two cents,
>     Actually, I like the idea of having some kind of contest to determine
> who gets to be the proud new owner of a Groo Mouse Pad ( Since I would like
> one too! ). It evens out the odds of winning, instead of going to the high
> bidder ( or whatever ), I wonder who would do the judging of such a
> contest? Maybe the person who is giving up the Pad or maybe ME himself? Or
> possibly the groopies who did not participate in the contest?
>     I do agree the winner gets the priviledge of paying for his or her own
> shipping.
>     Or maybe letting it go to the high bidder and donating the proceeds to
> the CBLDF or some other appropriate organization?
> Groosum - "Into the fray!"
> bennido ng wrote:
> > hi nate,
> >
> > actually i think selling the Groop Groo mousepads is acceptable as long
> > as it's not for a profit ... and the buyer should of course pay for the
> > postage costs.
> >
> > peace,kool kat.
> >
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